JetSet Secrets Heroes JetSet Secrets Villains Victory Lane, digital painting
JetSet Secrets Mikki Concept JetSet Secrets Pieter Concept Untitled, original pencil layout by Fred Gardner, digital painting by Steve Galgas
Shapes on Parade poster Chefville Dishes and Ingredients Vector Characters and Environment
Monopoly Millionaires Assets Monopoly Millionaires Hotels Vector Characters and Environment
Mr. Grant character designs, digital illustration Remote Out-Of-Control, digital illustration Singing Strays (Fox and the Hound 2), graphic design and colors by Steve Galgas
Rollergirl and Matador Concepts Character sketches Character sketches
Edheads environment design, colored pencil Edheads environment designs, colored pencil Edheads environment designs, colored pencil
Short North Gothic, mural Lady Shaves, CG short codirected by Steve Galgas and Mike Altman